Mkmma week 24 Sharing change

I have always been the person who could see the silver lining on every cloud and now I’m beginning to see there is no (spoon) cloud! Beginning is the strongest word and I am recognizing the power of the meditations. Longer more intense time focused inward is key going forward until ease really becomes second nature. There are so many blessings and serendipitous events happening … Continue reading Mkmma week 24 Sharing change

week 23 MKMMA

Thought I had this almost done but did not click save and now lost! Not a bad thing for all worthy thoughts will come around again! Nothing is ever lost as we are eternal beings, not temporary for we are spiritual first. Such an easy thing to forget. What a powerful thing to remember!! If I am spiritual first I really do create my life … Continue reading week 23 MKMMA

What are you Resisting? mkmma wk 21

Larger thoughts over powers small thoughts…Big thinking destroys petty thinking. When we think along the lines of the bigger picture, the small shrinks and becomes a do not matter. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. Silence is the key Haanel states. The key is in the silence.┬áSeek to see the┬átruth in the silence. I find clutter. So much clutter. Don’t argue with the mind you will never … Continue reading What are you Resisting? mkmma wk 21