How is your Aim? mkmma week 20

I’m speaking of the game of golf and I am speaking of it as a metaphor.
I was on the phone this morning having a rather inspired conversation with a friend of mine new to the inner journey.
I suggested he figure out where he wants to go in his life and this brought on alot questions.
Most importantly we talked about that Definite Major Purpose and goals and the art of creating!
We are always in a state of creating…something….though most of it is unconsciously creating and then we wonder where we went wrong or how we ended up here or there!
Then this picture showed up in my head of a golf course and me standing there looking off into the distance to the next green that lie ahead. Now though I dont play alot of golf I have a pretty straight swing and my aim I have discovered is bang on.
When I hit the ball into the bush and I am surprised, I always lay the club across my thighs and I see beyond a shadow of doubt that I was 100% aimed in that direction. The ball went to where I was aimed.


ok my pose is good….but why is it in the bush?

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