Being and Becoming MKMMA week 19

What we focus on grows. What we forget about atrophies! Without exception!

This week I watched a movie called, The Abundance Factor! Though there are many things I “know” and we “know”. The embodiment of that is something else, which is our journey in the heroes journey for sure.

I had a jaw dropping moment several times and one things stands out clearly for me! The line was something like this!

We spend alot of our energy focusing on “fixing” instead of stepping into the creation of the life we want!

I have prided myself at being a skilled problem solver or solution finder. Two thoughts, opposite side of same coin and not the coin that fits into the slot of moving forward into the life of my dreams. It is a valuable tool in my business and so many others as well! So what do I do with that? Nothing! I seek another perspective to pull me forward in the realm of business. This will be my meditation for the rest of the week until I find it! This is truly exciting! All of this is so big I want to write it all in caps! LOL

In the realm of my dharma and bliss of bringing Joy INspiration and Beauty to other people’s lives (JIB) I begin to become that and it naturally leaks out. The more I step into that, the more I am fed through the static thought of Universal Mind (GOD) seeking expression. When I stand in alignment with that, I can hardly contain what I feel. It exists without doing. It exists in BEING and cannot help but show up in some kind of action. It shows up in my massage business. It shows up in my relationships. It shows up in my NWM business. It is expressed n writing, singing, laughing, smiling, cooking, dancing…etc….everything!

Bare with me as I process this. As I focus on creation, problems become challenges, become opportunities, become road bumps, become blips. Part of the whole and not the whole. Part of the journey! I don’t need to fix anything to get to where I want to go. I don’t have to get this road block or that road block out of the way because I am already all that I need to be and more. I have everything I need inside of me. I am perfect in all my imperfection and despite and beyond all of that, I am more than enough. I am nature’s greatest miracle! (Intellectually I have nodded my head to that alot! Embodied not so much.)

Desiring to bring joy, beauty and inspiration to others is NOT a TRY to impact others. It is a BEING that! It is not a how do I do that…it is not logical. The effort or try leaves and the being can flow. Those that receive it, receive it! It is not my concern, my business. It is also not about me changing to reach more people. It is about me becoming and the people that are my connection can and do show up. Though I have to tell you I am ready to explode and break into another snoopy dance!!

As I step into creation I cannot help but be in a place of service!! As I allow the expression of Universal mind flow through me, it is natural!

I always thought that living my bliss of music and creative expression came with choosing poverty. I saw it as fun and selfish as I mentioned before in a past blog. I thought i needed to choose a harder path. That I could not have it ALL. One or the other and it is not! Let me explain that. If my belief is to that to live my bliss I would be impoverished! I make it true. If I choose to not live into my bliss, I am even more impoverished for I have robbed myself and the world of the person I was meant to be and much much more…another blog on that! I have then robbed myself of all the joy, inspiration and beauty that is mine to experience.

A life seeking validation and fulfillment through money is shallow, sad and empty. Never enough. A spiritual deadening of senses, addictions, depression, anger but only a few of the possible consequences. A life lived in quiet desperation! And quite frankly if I believed in only just financially surviving that would show up regardless of what I chose to do!

Lastly, I believed again I could have one or the other! Bliss or success!



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