Week 16 mkmma Natures greatest miracle

So ohhhhhhh…..what an amazing week! Kindnesses, noticing and giving kindnesses. I could not keep up to all that is flowing my way.

People are beating me to opening doors to smiling and well wishing! I am meeting more eyes and more sparkles.

I left a small amount of change on a meter yesterday…now that I have more change I desire to leave more.

I am feeling more generous as I am thinking about how to be prepared when going out or leaving a restaurant dt to make sure I have money easy access to give.

It began before the awareness of the week. If you look at my blog from last week you can see and get a sense of the joy in my heart.

Kate Unger

I had a gig last saturday and still under the weather physically…a throat that was not full on and phlegm like you would not believe sitting at the back of my throat.

As I sang I thought not of it and felt in love with everyone and such huge gratitude. I made it my mission to pour this out to everyone including my band. As the person who gets the most accolades is the front person and the band does not so much; I made sure the band was lifted and honoured right from the very beginning. So the audience could understand they were the foundation for me to stand on and what they did is carry me!!!

When it was over I felt not the way I have in the past after a performance or a play I had acted in. In the past I felt empty, sad, depressed, let down, deflated.

This time and every time going forward I will focus on the true reason and importance of my song is to elevate the audience. To give love. This time I felt like never before. I felt full, fulfilled, thankful, humbled and honoured! The stature is not look and listen to me, but what can I give to you!



6 thoughts on “Week 16 mkmma Natures greatest miracle

  1. As someone who has always been in the audience I can tell you from experience that I could feel the energy and meaning that the band was giving off. It is so great to hear that you have found your bliss…

  2. Aloha Kate, Great blog! During my career as a solo classical singer, I too sang to transport my audience – to take them out of their possibly stressful lives into the world of music. And, like you, my accompanist (for solo recitals) and I were a “team.” May you have many opportunities to thrill your audiences everywhere! Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyht

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