mkmma-week 11- the sea parts



Serendipity arrived. The flow in my day regardless of circumstance was brilliant. A moment in everything was perfect and the moment was extended beyond a moment.

The traffic moved. The lights were in harmony. As I approached they all turned green. Even when things “happened” I was unfrazzled. Parking spots began to appear again like they used to. Joy and love filled my heart and I have been noticing that it’s bigger than before and it’s different. I felt open and generous, in a different way.

Last Sunday after the webinar, something clicked. The fight ended. I think I surrendered. I say I think, because I know there is more surrendering to come.

For weeks I have struggled with my mindedness stuck in opinion, recognizing but not changing. Reminding myself regularly to observe and then seeing and hearing myself share my opinion. What a glorious mind we have. I began to internally chuckle how strong that bond to opinion, to place in a box I had.

I was stuck in struggle. Frustration, losing enthusiasm, missing sits, staying out too late, coming home exhausted. Having people tell me the process I am using does not work. Maybe they are right I thought…but not ready to give up. Each week I felt as though I was saying, soon, the break is coming soon, where there is some ease to show me I am on the right track.

I had stuff happen in my business and I doubted, but hung on even though I was talking doubt.

I got it!! The line that changed everything for me.

Persistence is not a character trait. Hanging in there is not persistence. Has nothing to do with winning the battle of the mind!

Oh and one ┬ámore thing that’s really resonated and I got, from something Mark said. The chores SERVICES each week added. Simple, simple, simple because it gets you to get them done and shift the mind into getting that you get it done. This was huge for me. I have been making them chores I don’t want to do and have found myself running into brick. Back to simplicity to create a new pattern!!!

Thank you!! Thank you !!!! Thank you!!!!!



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