Mkmma. To all Happy New Year


As always so much to share and until I start sharing daily there will be much left out. Each day each moment is full of wonder, laughter, love and then nothing if I am unaware.

First I appreciate all of you! Those that I connect with by you reading my blogs or I yours. Those of you I have seen and/or shared with on the ┬ámma network. My friends that have been following and all that consciously I have not connected with. Those on the journey of the day I have laughed with and smiled at. Those I have chatted with and those I have not….those I have breezed by…and the list continues. To make a point.

We touch far beyond what we consciously know, far far beyond for in essence we are all one. A quote I have shared a few times in the last week…and it may not be a quote but the essence is there.

Eckert Tolle said something like this and I concur more each day. OK so its ad lib…The world is polluted and very toxic and the way we will truly clean it up is by cleaning up our minds thoughts and emotions. Cleaning up our our internal world will clean up the planet!!! How profound is that?

I don’t know about you but I see that and more….WOW!!!! Thank you Mark and Davene and all the team and all the players and yes that is you! For your participation. For the magic. For the light! For the reflection!! For the mirror and the magnifying glass.

Beyond the chitter chatter a little on what is transpiring and then a wish for the the year to come…

As I finished my day 2 nights ago and I did everything from being my very best? I don’t know yet if I am saying that right…lol In that moment I was given another gift.

You see in the last I don’t know how long when I have prayed and ask what do I do Lord? What is my path? Yes I know I am loving what I am doing now, but its not it!!!

I heard SING! Sing and sing. In every corner and every whisper. Just sing. Its not too late and you don’t have to get somewhere you can feel that bliss. Just sing! Now I am. I have my first gig in my new life of sharing my gift of voice and I am thrilled and my heart is full of gratitude! THRILLED!!!! It is next weekend on Saturday! If you remember send me a wish, or a thought. Thank you in advance!

Now back to the gift…I knew it was that and more. Inspiration, music and…the written word expressed on stage to make a difference. To lift, to inspire, to love. I saw them as separate and and now not….

Here is my word for the moment the other day…

As the year draws to a close there is a new day dawning, another year. Another moment in time. As I stretch through the pain of growing and crack through my old self, a metamorphosis begins…or should I say continues. I evolve.

When I play the game half way, I feel only half alive. When I reach and ache through the stretching of becoming, who I was created to be I catch glimpses of ecstasy. Right there. I can only see it, remember it,taste it and feel it when I stretch and when I am the best I can be.

Its so easy to shrink, to settle, to sit. To complain and make excuses for being where I say I don’t really want to be.

In the moments of feeling incredibly alive, it is when I have stepped into myself and stepped up to the plate. It is when I begin to be the person my creator created me to be.

This year, this day, this moment, what brings you the most joy? Find it if you know not what it is. Seek it. Search it out and when you find it, embrace it, express it, share it and never let it go.

It is your lifeline. It is your place where regret no longer lives!

Blessings to you!! A pouring out like yo have never seen is my wish for you in every way you desire!!!!

xxx Kate


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