week 12 Hoverboarding

An interesting aha moment. A hoverboard is my friend and so is my mind!

I went to a Christmas party last Saturday and someone brought a hover board. I wanted to try it and so I kicked off my high heeled shoes and jumped on. Holy shaker was I. My feet were moving up and down so fast I could never had made that happen w conscious effort.

I hung in there until the movement slowly halted. I was supported by my sweet guy Bruce. Holding my hand until I got steady. Jittery at first, unstable and unsure, not knowing for sure if I could do this new thing!!

Just like this new person I am becoming. I noticed yesterday when I used language from the past it felt UN me. I noticed when I participated in certain behaviour it felt foreign and yucky….lol I could easily slide and get comfortable with that old blueprint again, but I rather am liking the vibe of how I feel.

So back to the hover board. After some sketchy moves and almost falling, little by little I became stable and tried a spin. I laughed and whooped and went for more. Now here comes cool. I got to a place where I really started to play. HHHEEEEEEEEEEE….WEEEEEEEEE!! I would think of a movement and it would happen. Then I added fun actions. I held my hand up as I said stop and I stopped. I said spin and twirled my finger and off I went: forward, backward. I crashed once and it was when I DOUBTED I would stop!

I was so excited I started to share with people what was going on for me and they only smiled and nodded. NOOOOO you don’t understand!! We make this so much harder than it needs to be! Everything!!!!! OMGoodness!! BUTTTT getting there is not easy!

I had a glimpse of something I cannot explain and don’t know “how” to apply to my life, but I am starting to get I don’t need to know how, but more I have to feel the path and whatever it is I am trying to learn.

More awareness, more God, less of me! (ego)

I am generally more at peace. IN less of a hurry and beginning to see a new path. I don’t know the answers…yet!

What an amazing week!

Something important. The other side is I feel like I am still jittery and feel disconnected from the reality I created in my unawares. Like a bird standing on one leg! Where will I set the other foot down? I have added my dharma of music and singing and things have begun to happen and now I feel I need to add  more details of clarity. Do I? I know what the picture looks like at the end!! Do I need the details in between or trust the process and watch what happens and unfolds! This sentence makes my heart beat faster and there is some unsureness here! time to mastermind!!

11 thoughts on “week 12 Hoverboarding

  1. I really appreciate how OKAY you are being unsure. In the past, that feeling causes me to feel panicky and I love how relaxed you seem about it. And I know you’re right to be that way! Or at least that embracing the unknown will help us grow and you sound like you’re doing great with that! Thanks for being a role model in that way, and for being in harmony. So glad to be on this journey with you. Thank you!!!

    1. Alicia, Thank you so much for your thoughtful writing. I dont know necessarily if i am totally ok w not knowing. I do know my whole life I pushed and it never worked and so now I am listening for direction. I believe as I get better the direction will be so clear on and on.

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