Mkmma Week 13 Christmas and family

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Merry Christmas and Blessings in your health, your family and your prosperity…your happiness and much more!! May love fill this time and year and far beyond!

420 am at the airport after 9 days family home for the holidays. Headed home to warmer weather and reflection of the days past.

I certainly have a new feel for my fellow peeps on the masters journey in the difficulty of being faced with triggered old blueprint memories from the American Thanksgiving they have already gone through with their families. They have a family holiday under their belts.

Whew. Well I did survive! Some things were better and some things I am not extremely pleased about in the way I showed up. I watched myself, so the observer was present and I still sometimes operated under less than a spirit of love. The greatest exercise for me right now is to not tear myself into shreds for this lack of loving as perfect as Christ would. So here I claim self forgiveness as it will free me to step into, What would love do now?

On a positive note, I did fair better in some places than in the past and strive today to be better than yesterday! Be the best grandest version of myself today!! I wish this for you today!!

I loved buying gifts for everyone I bought for and though they were not big gifts, they were special nonetheless!!

May God Bless you and your Family in more ways than you can imagine!!!


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