mkmma Week 15 The Heroes Journey


Ok so the picture does not match the first paragraph but you will get it when you read the whole thing!! 🙂 HEHE!!!

Discipline is the word of the week and to look out for. Interesting. So I am looking. I am noticing something very interesting and that is when I receive information that could help me and my subby recognizes it as being told what to rebellion kicks in.

Discipline. I cleansed for 2 days, but not completely. I cheated myself from purely winning. I am feeling better  though not perfect its was still very positive.

I’ve been really under the weather all week. Heavy cold, but my spirits are really good. This strikes me strongly and its  very interesting. My goal is to be in clear voice and hearing for Saturday for I am performing and very excited. I am fulfilling one of my PPN’s which is recognition for creative expression. I am blessed!

I am very interested in my attitude and the joy I am carrying and it must be the reason I got sick!! Ironic but it has made my joy so much more palpable. Its really really fascinating to me!

Its also helped me with discipline interestingly! I am taking many steps to heal! Salt cave is a new adventure. Very cool! Today was my second visit and I was thinking I would only stay for 30 minutes as it was late. I ended up using my time wisely and sat. Some thought directed and some not! Mostly focused on breathing and feeling and visualizing my gig on saturday night. I just got word it is not only sold out but apparently they have had to bring in more seats to accommodate the crowd! My heart is bursting with gratitude!!!!

Thank you!! Is not a big enough word!!




8 thoughts on “mkmma Week 15 The Heroes Journey

  1. I loved both this week’s blog on “discipline” and your “New Year’s” blog on searching for your passion. Mahalo for your wonderful thoughts. A Yoda quote: “Luminous Beings are we.” May you have a wondrous and liminous 2016. Yours in Gratitude, Light & Love wendyt

  2. It looks like you put it “out there” a definite chief aim- to sing. And now you are tommorrow-or is it today? Where you are? Major positive thoughts going your way!! and the Salt Cave looks very interesting! something I could use…

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