mkmma Week 17b or 18 which is it!?

Do you entertain the darkness or does the darkness entertain you? That went from a very simple profound question to one with much more depth. My brain just went Whhhhhat? You expect me to answer that question? NO I was only asking!

vanishing light2

I touch the darkness and it sucks me into its warm dark cocoon. The illusion of comfort gone, as the light quickly vanishes from sight.

I wallow in the thick goo of it, wandering without eyes to see that I am in it! Encased, encompassed, and swallowed; unaware and suddenly out of nowhere I hear a voice! “Hey, choose something else!” It’s my voice, my new subby pulling me out of the quicksand of self-pity!

Profound observance moment! I have experienced much resistance again this week! You know I believe I am truly onto something big when there is all this resistance. I have allowed the old subby to suck me in…and I’ll get started again 100% tomorrow. I am too tired, too busy, too anything…as I kicked it up a notch this week and as soon as I did that I got slammed!

I did not see that until now that I am writing. Wow! That is sooooo cool! Ha, I know “we” can overprint, override, breakthrough this. The darkness breaks like a puzzle being pulled apart and preparing for a new world being created.

puzzle light

As the observer I am large, a piece of the greatness who created me! Divinely blessed. I am natures greatest miracle and am created to be as big as a mountain, not small like a grain of sand!

This I need to remember especially right now as I feel am about to blow up! Technology is my friend…repeat, repeat, repeat and breathe!!…keep the light shining !  Its ok! It’s a challenge to grow!!

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