MKMMA Week 22a Practice

Each day is a new day and a new experience and then when I sit to write my blog I seem to be beyond it! Either I’ve been frustrated or I am sitting in the middle of it! Today I am sitting in the middle of it!

I resist really strongly and it gets worse…so I breathe and allow it to be! What we resist persists, I say in my head! Just hang with it and it will pass much more quickly! Calming already!

Interesting as I had a conversation with someone yesterday who has had PTSD and she is stuck in the belief that it cannot be healed! I can’t I heard over and over and over. I kept repeating well What if? She moves into high anxiety and has no control over it! I can identify with that in my past with certain things that now from working on do not exist anymore. I changed the neuron connections…with help of course but it is done. Hallelujah!!

As I sat in my frustration and high anxiety today, what got me to move through it faster really was to prove I can change that one too! I thought of here and said to myself, prove it again! Whatever shows up I can reconnect to a different place and the more I practice the faster the switch.

Another moment yesterday as I was getting up on stage and I started to choose nervousness and very very quickly changed it to excitement, just by saying the words silently, “I am excited, that’s what I am feeling.” I smiled a Cheshire cat smile and sang my heart out!!


Oh my goodness, this really is a journaling moment…as it flows. No crafted blog today…lol.

I asked a question earlier today. The question was, Why am I attracting these situations with people that are suffering so?” One so I can assist as I have many tools I can share, but also so they can teach me I still have those moments and it reminds me to use the tools I have at my disposal on my own stuff. 🙂 The other part is it brings me humility! BAM! Practice is key and so is humility!

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  1. Thanks, Kate, for your candor. I love how you recognize that there is room for growth in all of us and that you persevere using and sharing your tools!

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