Mkmma week 24 Sharing change

silver lining

I have always been the person who could see the silver lining on every cloud and now I’m beginning to see there is no (spoon) cloud!

Beginning is the strongest word and I am recognizing the power of the meditations. Longer more intense time focused inward is key going forward until ease really becomes second nature. There are so many blessings and serendipitous events happening around me its hard to keep up.

I’m also experiencing that things don’t upset me so much. Sure I still have my moments but they are so fewer, its like its not so important anymore. I had money stolen from this week in my own office and I noticed it was interesting yes, but there is no emotional attachment. I did not take it personally. I did not freak out..did not say I cant believe he did that to me as it has nothing to do with me…and the money, he just made room for an avalanche of prosperity for me, for God said I will return in multitude that which has been stolen from you!! Something like that…;)
When I slow down, there is so much opportunity to give its mind blowing and when I am in that head space I cannot keep up with the receiving. Its awesome! and it makes me laugh.
The really cool part is I used to feel…sheesh how can I give any more; I do it all day long and there is none baffled me. Made me angry someone could say that. Resentful. I was acting from isolated ego self, not from the never ending flow of the infinite. and its not about doing. Its about being in the state of that, that actually creates a circular flow of the give more get more. I say give more without expectation for there lies the danger of “doing to get” You cannot not get what you think, or expect, you get what you believe at the very core. Its a law that cannot be broken. You cant fake out God or the universe so therefore the self discovery is imperative for you to really be in the space of being and giving what you really want so you better be sure you know what you want and believe and know what you believe and get in alignment…LOL Sounds like who’s on first?
Very powerful and also very deep. They say that the majority of the population will never do the work required and so live at the mercy of what shows up as opposed to living a life of conscious creation. Conscious being the operative word as we are always creating and attracting to us where we are at! Who we are being!

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