What are you Resisting? mkmma wk 21

Larger thoughts over powers small thoughts…Big thinking destroys petty thinking. When we think along the lines of the bigger picture, the small shrinks and becomes a do not matter. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Silence is the key Haanel states. The key is in the silence. Seek to see the truth in the silence. I find clutter. So much clutter. Don’t argue with the mind you will never win. Shifting focus. Breathing in consciously the abundance of the infinite and turn away from the noise. Don’t deal with the noise. I get a rush that goes through me every time I breathe with consciousness.

Amazing this week was the trait of enthusiasm in the character makeover for me. Enthusiasm wrapped up with kindness. If fainting, faltering, weakening I would think enthusiasm and energy returned. Amazing. Breathing in consciously and feeling more connected.

I have really discovered this week that when I struggle against the negative I cannot find a way out. When I release the resistance created by trying, there is a softening and a letting go and things change. I see the struggle so much more clearly. What I resist, persists!!

ON Wednesday night I went out to sing. I chose my song, reached for my back up of words and my chart and only the chart was there. I am moving into the realm of electronic and so I was standing in the middle of both electronic and written. As I reached and realized I was without my security blanket (I did not know) my hear started to pound. I was really uncomfortable, disjointed, nervous. Instead of gently replacing a positive thought for another I attempted not feeling what I was feeling. Resistance! I got up on stage and never got grounded, forgot my words and felt very disconnected as I searched to get through the mud. It took me days to see what had happened for me. Wow what a lesson!

I let go and I let God!

Resistance does not serve me and a sure sign of it is when I feel I am struggling!! So I can ask the question what am I resisting?

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