Week 22 MKMMA Letting GO!


The title of this blog has buzzed in my head all week as I have pondered what do I let go of! Sometimes you have to let go to get more of what you really want is also what I am hearing.

As I pondered what to let go of I noticed as I stayed in the question I was not as stressed about finding the answer and found myself more present to what I was doing at the time. Interesting!

So perhaps you can help me with this with some feedback!

1- My definite major purpose in life is to bring Joy Inspiration and Beauty to other people’s lives! It is not what I do but how I show up in what I do…It is who I am BEING in all that I do! So this all exists no matter the part I play! Wow that just hit another level.

How I choose to express at present is in music and there has been so much more that has shown up since I decided this was IT! So this is something I really want to work on being really awesome at. I have the core. I already do sing and get paid to be in heaven. I am a good story teller and I feel all the emotion in the song. I have experience and people enjoy what I do. I have a good strong voice and love to sing! I sing on key and I want more. Alot more. So here is where the sacrifice lies. What time and space can I commit to making this the dream and live my purpose? More than that there is a dream that is beginning to develop out of the dream…its deeper and wider and its dark. There are glimpses of what it looks like but it’s not there yet. I was given the next step today which I am very grateful for…ha! Very exciting actually.

2-I have been in the health and wellness industry for 18 years. I am a shiatsu therapist and a health and lifestyle coach. I am very good at what I do. Te less I try the better the results are. The more detached I become the better the outcome. I love making a difference in this realm, but I do feel in tie I will let go of this but now is not the time. I am clear of that. A few months back I said to God, Look I need to know if you want me to continue then lets get on with it and make my phone ring. 30 seconds later my phone started to ring and has not stopped. I know it’s not forever, but it is for now and I am grateful to touch peoples lives and to increase my income.

3-I added an amazing product line to my business which is also a separate business in the NWM industry. I have been with the company for over 10 years. It’s fast emotional visible results. Legacy company that keeps giving us raises. Great compensation plan. There is nothing I do not like about the company or the products. Top shelf. It’s going to be around for a long time and has risen very fast in the rankings. I am not letting this go…clear! I love it!! I have realized I had expectations of myself that were not serving me. They have held me back. This is something to look at and step into the way I want to move forward. I have a base to build from. I am still excited about helping people change their lives physically and financially and am looking for 3 people right now that are ready willing and able.

Sometimes letting go, can mean alot of things! Like letting go of being the best at everything and choosing what to excel at and really focus on being the best at that one thing and then amazing things show up!!

letting go


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