week 23 MKMMA


Thought I had this almost done but did not click save and now lost! Not a bad thing for all worthy thoughts will come around again!
Nothing is ever lost as we are eternal beings, not temporary for we are spiritual first. Such an easy thing to forget. What a powerful thing to remember!!
If I am spiritual first I really do create my life and when I am busy being human and unaware, I create anyway, but unconsciously. So all that stuff that floats around in my mind without being controlled, harboured, locked up has the ability to create whatever and life goes back to being a crap shoot. How do you like life being a crap shoot?
The more awareness I can bring to my life, ever increasing and constantly seeking, the more I can create consciously. God said we have dominion over all things, but that can hold power that does not serve “us” if we do not claim it, own it, respect it or even “know” it is there for us. If we are not in alignment with spirit, we are not in the harmony and flow and not for the good of all concerned: this can create chaos and discord of all kinds, including and not exclusive of our health, our happiness and our prosperity. The more awareness we bring into spirit the more we are connected to the infinite or GOD!

Each day in my own strength I go out and often forget about that connection and I have to tell you the more I am in connection with God, my life has deeper meaning, deeper love, deeper strength, deeper compassion, deeper joy and deeper everything!

Its easy for us to propel through life on our own strength and understanding, if that is our personality bent or just our living bent. Physically moving and doing life and it can feel good at some level for sure, but forgetting that connection leaves a hole, an emptiness felt most in the silence, when our yearning can be heard. So perhaps we keep the volume up to not hear the cry by keeping ourselves occupied with people and the stuff of life! The surface living that gives surface temporary fullness for short moments and then we need to seek more…new clothes, new friends, nightclubs, drinks, food, games, sex, gurus, jobs, thrills etc…

Each day I begin anew and work at remembering to bring more spirit to my life. As I practice I get more. As I give more of me to the practice I get more in return…BAM!!

May your life become greater than you ever imagined and may you blessed in your life in all areas. In Love, In Health and True Prosperity!

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