Being and Becoming MKMMA week 19

What we focus on grows. What we forget about atrophies! Without exception! This week I watched a movie called, The Abundance Factor! Though there are many things I “know” and we “know”. The embodiment of that is something else, which is our journey in the heroes journey for sure. I had a jaw dropping moment several times and one things stands out clearly for me! … Continue reading Being and Becoming MKMMA week 19

Week 17 Oceans Tide mkmma

  Water…deep blue, bottomless, infinite knowing. Creation, development and the roll of the waves. Flow, expression, touching the deepest part of me. Yearning, longing for more and not knowing…What? Deep inside, searching for the kingdom. All things added from here! Nothing means nothing for what we make it mean. Observation in stillness, hearing the noise of the silence. Deafening! I reach through auditory senses and … Continue reading Week 17 Oceans Tide mkmma